boAt Immortal IM-200

Boat Immortal IM-200 Full Detailed Review

BoAt has always focused on creating audio devices that are compatible with our smartphones. However, with the release of the boAt Immortal IM-200 headphone, it appears that this focus is shifting. This is one of boAt’s first products designed specifically for PCs.

This headphone is also aimed at the gaming community, which includes both amateur and professional players. This article informs readers about all of the features and specifications of this On-ear headphone. Furthermore, it will go over the Immortal IM-200’s Design Quality, Sound Quality, Microphone Capability, Connectivity, and Customization features in detail.

Boat Immortal IM-200

boAt Immortal IM-200
  • USB Wired Connection
  • 50mm drivers
  • 7.1 channel virtual surround sound
  • Breathing RGB lighting effect
  • Boat Plugin Labz allows you to easily customise audio and mic driver settings
  • ENx technology improves noise isolation
  • Mic with intelligent denoising
  • 1 Year Warranty

Sound Quality

The Immortal IM-200’s primary focus has been on high-quality audio output. It employs ENx Technology, which enables consumers to enjoy clear and crisp audio in a variety of scenarios such as video conferencing, phone calls, playing music, listening to an audiobook or podcast, and so on.

Its massive 50mm audio Driver is another useful feature that contributes to the headphone’s goal of providing an enthralling audio experience. For gaming purposes, this device has an integrated virtual surround sound via a 7.1 channel function. This virtual surround sound creates a surrounded audio experience all around game’s action and sound effects, giving the gamer a more immersive experience. This boat product, like the Noise Flair earphones’ Noise Cancellation feature, allows gamers to focus solely on improving their performance and statistics without any external distractions.

Mic Quality

This gaming headphone includes a built-in mic for strategizing with your team players on a winning strategy. Other players won’t be able to hear your plans because of the microphone’s unidirectionality.

The proper positioning of the microphone allows users to hear without distortion. There are some disadvantages as well. Because the microphone is not retractable, it may be inconvenient for some customers. Furthermore, the microphone’s lack of flexibility prevents users from adjusting it in any other position. However, these issues could be mitigated because a built-in microphone is a necessary piece of equipment for professional gamers.


The boAt headphone allows for some customization to develop a personal style within the device, which could be very important to each consumer. The breathing RGB lighting on the earcups is the most visible feature of such customization. The RGB lighting shows the boAt logo in the colour spectrum of your choice. Users can select any colour from the device’s operating software. Users can also customise the colour of the entire headphone, such as Raging Red, Furious Blue, and Active Black.


The Boat Immortal IM-200 is a wired headphone that connects to your computer via a USB Type-A port and cable. As a result, the headphone does not require a rechargeable battery for those lengthy streaming sessions. In terms of portability, you are limited to the USB cable’s 2 metre length. With its USB port, this device is designed purely for PCs. Third-party dongles could be used to connect them to cellular devices as well.


  • Excellent Sound Quality
  • Decent Mic Quality
  • RGB Breathing Feature Is Available
  • Design Strength and Comfort
  • Some many colours are available
  • ENx Technology is now available
  • Earcups with Soft Cushions


  • There is no detachable microphone.


When you weigh the numerous features available with this device, such as ENx Technology, Virtual Sound System, Built-in-Microphone, 50mm Audio Drive, and Braided Cables against its 1,699 INR, the BoAt Immortal IM-200 wired headphone is a worthwhile purchase. You will eventually discover that it is a good deal.

It could be one of the best headphones for aspiring or amateur gamers who want to pursue gaming as a career. If you want to read reviews of other Boat Immortal IM series, read the reviews of the Boat Immortal IM-700.

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