truke BTG 2 full detailed review

Truke BTG 2 True Wireless Gaming Earbuds

We’ll look at the Truke Buds BTG 2 review in this article, which is a True Wireless Earbud designed specifically for gamers. A wireless earbud is the truke Buds BTG 2 True Wireless Earbuds. Because truke is a newish firm and is not a well-known brand in this industry, you need receive expert opinion on the product’s quality.

The Truke BTG 2 Gaming earbuds, according to the company, have a low latency of up to 60 ms during gaming. The term “low latency” refers to the time it takes for a signal to be received and heard.

Before purchasing a product, you should always read some customer reviews.

We’re here to inform you all you need to know about the truke BTG 2 True Wireless Earbuds, and you can read our full review of these wireless earbuds right here.

Truke BTG 2

Truke BTG 2 Gaming Earbuds Review
  • Bluetooth 5.1 (Low latency of up to 60ms)
  • 13mm Titanium Audio Drivers
  • Each earbud has a dual-mic with ENC Technology
  • On a single charge, the earbuds may last up to 10 hours
  • 300mAh Charging Case
  • On the case, there are blinking LEDs
  • Type-C Fast Charging Port
  • Each earbud is only 4 grams in weight
  • From the date of purchase, there is a 1-year warranty

Sound Quality

The Truke BTG 2 earbuds have 13mm drivers and a quite acceptable sound quality. With no adjustment, the music coming from the earbuds sounds very flat. The mids are a little higher, and the bass and treble are both kept a little lower. If you can set the equaliser on your phone, you can have a really excellent sound experience with good bass. However, the manufacturer did not properly tune the earbuds, and the audio quality was muffled even after tuning them from the phone.

The 60ms low latency is one of the best qualities of these buds. These earphones deliver on their promises and deliver the finest gaming experience. When you move from music to gaming mode, there is a notable difference in latency. When you transition between two settings, a voice in the headphones announces itself.

Mic Quality

Truke includes two noise-canceling microphones on each earbuds, however they don’t appear to work as stated. Background noise causes a lot of disruptions during calls, so you can have problems hearing the other person’s speech. The voice is frequently echoed and muffled. Despite the fact that the firm offers a ‘Quad Mic ENC’ feature, the Truke BTG 2 earbuds do not have outstanding call quality. Otherwise, nothing beats these pairs in this price range for gaming.


It is important to know how well built and durable any electrical equipment is before purchasing it. When it comes to build quality, the Truke BTG 2 earbuds are well-made. Starting with the case, it is well-made and solid, and the design, with a slew of green led lights in the front, screams gaming. The case’s external layer has a matte surface, which means that scratches on the casing may not be noticeable over time.

You can readily say they are made for gaming based on the design aesthetics of their brilliant green LEDs in the front. The case’s general design is smooth, with no sharp edges or curves. The front of the casing is lit up with green LEDs. When the case is charging, they turn on and blink, and when the earbuds within are charging, they remain stable. If the lights are completely turned off, the earbuds are fully charged.

The truke Buds BTG 2 True Wireless Earbuds are sweat resistant and have an ipx4 rating. This ipx4 sweet assistant certificate guarantees that this headphone will not be harmed by the weight of your everyday life. Furthermore, if the headset comes into contact with a small amount of water, it is found that the headphone never becomes unusable.


The truke Buds BTG 2 True Wireless Earbuds are a completely wireless headset, as its name suggests. Bluetooth is the connection type that this gadget uses to connect with your smartphone. The Bluetooth 5.1 connection is primarily used.

And because Bluetooth 5.1 is faster and more reliable than Bluetooth 3.0, you won’t have any problems listening to music or gaming high-bit audio on the headphones. Both IOS and Android phones are supported by the truke Buds BTG 2 True Wireless Earbuds. These headphones can be used with any mobile device.

This headphone is an outlier in a world where most companies use Bluetooth 5.0 technology.


Another advantage of these earphones is their long battery life. While listening to music, the battery can easily last more than 8 hours on a single charge. When it comes to calling, the battery life reduces by a couple of hours, as it does with any wireless earbud. However, from 0% to 100%, the earbuds may be charged in 70-90 minutes. While battery life is a key worry with most inexpensive earbuds, you may rest and pick Truke BTG 2 and forget about your battery worries.


  • Excellent sound quality whether gaming or listening to music.
  • Decent mic quality
  • 13mm audio drivers
  • The low latency of 60ms
  • Premium build quality
  • Value for money
  • Good battery life


  • Not suitable for calling


The Truke BTG 2 gaming earbuds are a good choice for gamers, with a 60ms low latency mode and a pair of 13mm audio drivers for listening to music. The audio quality is good, but not exceptional, and the microphones are not among the leading companies in the industry. However, these earbuds are designed for gamers, which is important.

The 60ms low latency option is something to keep an eye out for, and the specific gaming mode can help you improve your BGMI skills. If you’re searching for earbuds that are specifically designed for gaming, the Tuke BTG 2 is a good option to consider. 

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